New year, new deal

After a year of book buying indulgence, my tsundoku pile has once again reached staggering heights. Back in 2017, I tried to make it through an entire year without purchasing any new books. At the end of August I travelled to Newcastle then on to Brisbane in early September to attend the Queensland Poetry Festival. It was the festival book table that broke me. One new poetry collection became a stack and suddenly I found myself anxious about excess luggage.

Now here I am at the dawn of 2019 with two pinnacles of the unread to summit. So, the new deal is to read all the tsundoku before buying any new books.

Of course, there is one exception (I don’t seem to be able to undertake anything these days without exemption clauses and fine-print). My lovely friend Molly Murn’s book The Heart of the Grass Tree comes out in February, so I will definitely be buying a copy (and immediately reading it) before I can possibly conquer this pile.

I’m hoping this won’t take the whole year!

tsundoku pile 2018